Trigga is a Spotify integrated social alarm platform that allows you to generate dynamic audio content daily to your alarms by sending and receiving audio recordings directly to each others alarms as well as through integration with your spotify account. Follow your friends or other users with similar musical interests and wake up to new music daily without ever having to edit your alarms. 100% free download on the Google Play store get involved today!
Automated Dynamic Music.

Fresh Tracks on Every Alarm

Wake up with a purpose and convenience by automatically generating new content on your alarms each day based on your musical interests. Choose songs from spotify, automate from your Spotify playlists, by following others or by receiving music suggestions from your friends.

Personalised Audio .

Record & Send Audio

You can record, send & receive 10s audio recordings (Trigga's) directly to/from your friends/family's alarms or from other users in the trigga community. This can be entertaining, practical or sentimental. Organising friends/family, entertaining each other, long distance relationships, communicating across time zones or work schedules, the applications are endless.

Peer Generated Content.

Gain your own following

You can gain followers for your alarm playlists. We will generate your Trigga playlist automatically from your music selections allowing other users to browse your music and elect to follow you to automate their own daily alarm content.

What Users Have to Say?

Customer Testimonails

Great app Such a unique concept, and it has been executed flawlessly! Social alarms, who would have thought?

Luke Beacon UQ Review
Customer Testimonails


Lamfaouar Hamza
Customer Testimonails

Awesome app Unique idea ^_^ heaps of fun!!!

Emma-lee Roberts Aquarius Health