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Social Alarms

Now with Trigga you can record audio directly to your friends' daily alarms. We invite you to start your day with a smile!

Fresh Alarm Content Daily.

Dynamic Audio

Wake up with a purpose with new content on your alarms each day. Choose from a range of music, wake up to recordings from your approved contacts or from other users in the trigga community!

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Easy to USE

We've spent a lot of time optimising our user interface allowing you to set your alarms and record audio for others in a matter of seconds!

Inclusive Content.

Feature your own audio

Feature your own audio; music, comedy, meditation, motivation 100% free for others to wake up to! It's as easy as providing us with an mp3 and accompanying image. All submissions to 'trigga.com' on skype or via social media links below.

Sleek, Simplistic User Interface

Exactly what you need, where and when you need it. Enjoy !
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What Users Have to Say?

Customer Testimonails

Great app Such a unique concept, and it has been executed flawlessly! Social alarms, who would have thought?

Luke Beacon UQ Review
Customer Testimonails


Lamfaouar Hamza
Customer Testimonails

Awesome app Unique idea ^_^ heaps of fun!!!

Emma-lee Roberts Aquarius Health

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