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End User Licence Agreement

Effective 16.04.1 | Updated 20.01.20

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Document: End User License Agreement (<——‘EULA’) is a binding, legal, agreed on document between you, the user and or GROUP (Includes all entity types, (examples: Human/s, emulated software/s bot/s etc) of users (‘You’) and Joel Thomas Kelly, an Individual of Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Earth. (‘TRIGGA’, ‘our’) relevant to your interactions associated with TRIGGA and/or TRIGGA’s asset/s, service/s & communication participation/s, mentionably the mobile applications (com.trigga.youtubealarm/com.ios.trigga) including as declared here by TRIGGA (but not limited to): domains, websites, hardwares, app-store provisions, primary software infrastructures, software dependencies, servers, accounts(example: email), administrative capacities, maintenance capacities, support mechanisms, projections, analytics, first-person participations (each / all referred to under the term, the ‘PLATFORM’). By installing(or uninstalling), compiling(or decompiling), interacting(directly or indirectly) with or otherwise accessing via any method/s or intent/s, the PLATFORM, you assert that you have consumed & comprehended this EULA, you agree to willingly act as coherent & lucid participant/s directly in accordance with the provisioned english version of this EULA and you recognise & accept that the EULA is legally enforced under Australian law, as well as the global, international human rights treaties as outlined accurately by our constitution in accordance with our obligations to the universal periodic review of rights process. Additionally, If you do not agree with and willingly act as outlined by all of the EULA’s before mentioned and below outlined, your association with the PLATFORM is strictly prohibited and you are accountable and will be held so if found necessary/advisable by the sole discretion of TRIGGA.

You acknowledge that the platform is licensed to you, strictly for your own personal, non-commercial use (excluding channel participation in our audience monetisation model) and that all content inclusive of text, design assets, images, software as well as associated & underlying features are protected by copyright or other IP rights and owned by TRIGGA and/or YouTube & other 3rd party licensors. You agree that your use of the platform may inherit third party terms of service and/or fees such as your carrier’s data usage fees or YouTube premium subscription fees.

You acknowledge and agree to the collation, utilisation & representation to our user base, your personally identifiable information as outlined in our privacy policy below. You understand that the App is provided to you without warranty of any specification and that TRIGGA’s liability to you is limited.

The Platform is operated by TRIGGA in the state of Queensland, Australia. TRIGGA does not assume that content available on the PLATFORM is legal for use in any locations other than Australia. By You Accessing the platform in any geographical locations outside of Australia is solely under your own discretion and you must adhere to relevant laws governing your place of residence or the location of your use of the PLATFORM. Access to the PLATFORM is strictly prohibited to any person(s) under the age of 13 in accordance with 3rd party defined stipulations. For purposes of content & privacy regulation, you agree that by accessing the PLATFORM you are over the age of 18 or have prior consent granted by your immediate legal guardian specific to the use of the PLATFORM inclusive of all in-app features offered by TRIGGA.

You acknowledge that you are eligible to create a single account on the PLATFORM and that you are responsible for your account security as well as all conduct carried out under your account. Should you express issue with the security of your account please contact us to resolve your issue immediately via the links below. You acknowledge that TRIGGA may suspend, terminate or alter details related to your account should we deem it necessary for any reason without justification or liability. You understand and agree that using any device or software to attempt to interfere or undermine the PLATFORM & its associated functionalities as well as the act of decompiling or reverse engineering of the PLATFORM infrastructure is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, any account identified participating in said activities will be excluded permanently and forfeit any credits owed by TRIGGA. Termination of this EULA may be sought exclusively by written notification to TRIGGA via email at address ‘info@trigga.com’.

TRIGGA is a YouTube API Integrated PLATFORM and is in full support of YouTube’s Policies. The policies help form the regulatory ethos of the PLATFORM and will be upheld strictly. You can stay up to date with the Policies via https://www.youtube.com/about/policies/#community- guidelines.


You acknowledge & submit to our right to generate revenues based on your interactions with the PLATFORM according to our discretion. You acknowledge that TRIGGA reserves the right to amend this EULA at any time, without prior notice & that any revisions will take effect immediately at the time of submission of udpated EULA documentation to the relevant app stores. Should any amendment to this EULA alter your consent you have the obligation to cease all use of the PLATFORM.

Privacy Policy

Effective 16.04.19 | Updated 20.01.20

When you register a TRIGGA account utilising your Gmail credentials, we obtain your personal information inclusive of your name & email address. We collect information regarding videos you stream via the YouTube API on the PLATFORM. We utilise this information to determine the subsequent alarm content as required to inform the mechanisms of the service the PLATFORM provides to you.

For purposes of maintaining & optimising the operations of the PLATFORM, we may collect and or use any information that is generated via your use of the PLATFORM. The scopes requested during your authentication allow the PLATFORM to fetch and display to you your YouTube subscriptions for selection, to provide the ability to subscribe to new channels as well as to like videos you encounter during your use of the PLATFORM. If you are operating a YouTube channel, your YouTube channel activity is retrieved and stored by TRIGGA to provide your followers the ability to generate dynamic alarm content relating to your channel. We may correspond with you regarding support or changes to the PLATFORM via the email address provided by you at the time of registration. No person under the age of 13 is permitted to create an account or utilise the PLATFORM without prior consent granted by an immediate legal guardian.

You acknowledge that TRIGGA reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time, without prior notice & that any revisions will take effect immediately at the time of submission of the updated privacy policy documentation to the relevant app stores. Any changes will be fully documented and made available to you in accordance with the regulations outlined by the app stores.

You can revoke the API Client’s access to your data via the Google security settings page at https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions or contact us directly via the social links provided on our website.